Paolo Tommasi. Everything is energy

Curated by Caterina Napoleone

Editor: Caterina Napoleone, Pondichérry

(Edition in Italian with translation into English)

Paolo Tommasi's past work - both in Italy and abroad - includes accomplishments as an architect of interiors, a set and costume designer and a painter. He has received acclaim for his emblematic avant-garde "Made in Italy" activities and he has been leading and extremely significant figure in the theatre; he is an artist who, including with his paintings, has been able to express a constant search for harmony in the unity of opposites.

Today Paolo Tommasi spends most of his time in India, his chosen place of residence. "In no other place do I feel my soul reawaken and do I achieve that inner work that gives meaning to my life: becoming more aware of myself and the mystery that surrounds us". In his house in Pondichérry, he devotes himself to painting.

In addiction to more recent works, the paintings illustrated here, all with strong symbolic significance.

(quoted from the back cover by Caterina Napoleone)